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The Importance of Durability in CenturyDoors


Feb 22, 2023

Doors protect your home and your family against any potentially dangerous forces. Whether it be water or too high temperatures, the door protects against all harmful agents. Thus, people place a lot of emphasis on selecting the best-in-class doors. Now, this does not imply that you need to fit a concrete door for the security of your house. We are speaking of a typical door with equivalent toughness and durability to that of concrete.

In addition to these characteristics, one also needs to have a door for the home that adds beauty to your home. Hence, you need to bring both of these two points into an equilibrium, where the durability of the doors meets with the aesthetics. To solve this problem, CenturyDoors brings its customers a wide array of doors with unmatched durability.

These doors are manufactured in the facility of CenturyPly, with state-of-the-art technology. These doors go through harsh and tough tests to ensure that their products provide the best safety and durability to the customers. These doors, from time to time, comply with some of the highest international standards after rigorous testing.

Keep reading to know more about the importance of durability indoors, which many people choose to ignore.

  • Cost saving

The first argument for those who ignore the durability aspect of the door is the advantage of cost saving. One can save a great deal of money on repair and maintenance of the doors if the door installed is highly durable. And CenturyDoors is the new synonym for durability. It is no exaggeration that the doors from the house of CenturyPly are highly durable.

If a door installed is made of CenturyPly, you are guaranteed not to require frequent maintenance like polishing, scratching with sandpaper, and painting. This is because these doors are self-sufficient in preventing damages that would require the need for repair. The doors come with protective layers that make these impervious to scratches. Also, the door’s shine and color last a very long time.

  • Water-resistant

The overall durability and lifespan of the door are significantly reduced by water. Water is a corrosive material. It can foster the growth of harmful insects. Water is also responsible for onsetting the oxidation process of metal which is known as rusting. To begin with, water rots the door from the place of its contact.

Water promotes microbial and fungal activities. This fungus eats the door and makes the door less dense and prone to break away. In addition to infestation, the metal hinges and handle attached to the doors are at risk when attached to the door that is highly absorbent. If the water and moisture stick to the surface of the door or seep inside the door, then it can damage these metals, posing the threat of tetanus.

Therefore, to maintain the door’s durability, it must also be waterproof. And CenturyPly knows this creates the best waterproof doors with the highest industrial standards.

  • Fire resistance

Fire beats wood. This is a raw truth. A fire outbreak inside a home raises the question of the durability of the doors among people. No door can indeed be made fireproof. But they sure can be fire-resistant, which is what CenturyPly does. The doors from Centuryply are made in such a way that they have a higher-than-normal burning point.

It means that the door will defend against fire long enough to give you more than enough time to extinguish the fire from further spreading inside the house or give you enough time to escape.

The Bottom Line

CenturyPly is among the pioneers of door manufacturing. It manufactures visually pleasing doors with the highest level of durability. It has a wide range of doors, including flush doors, waterproof, and flame-resistant doors. Every door made by the house of Centuryply is crafted with the latest technology. Every door from century ply is highly durable in its price range, giving a value-for-money deal for every customer.

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