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Why hire a commercial lawyer?


Jan 21, 2023
commercial lawyer?

The knowledge of the lawyer , which depends on the branch in which he specializes, allows him to defend the interests of his client. This expert can be a generalist or a specialist. The commercial law lawyer assists companies in matters of litigation, mergers, contract negotiation and collaborations with other structures. A liberal lawyer can work in a firm or practice alone. Business lawyers are thus privileged interlocutors for companies, both nationally and internationally. Find out in this article how their expertise can benefit a sales organization.

The commercial law lawyer

A commercial lawyer must specialize in private business law. The legal matters that he must master relate to trade and business:

A lawyer specializing in commercial law can practice in a firm as an associate and then a partner, after having acquired experience. It is also possible for him to work in the company itself, at the heart of the legal department.

Duties of a commercial lawyer

Business operations are governed by different regulations that are not necessarily known to the uninitiated. The lawyer masters the standards relating to commercial acts and is a great help for commercial companies and traders. Its role is therefore to legally secure the commercial activities of the company and its missions are:

advise on business creation, management and development of activities within a legal framework. It can also help leaders make strategic decisions;

negotiate and draft commercial contracts and agreements. Indeed, his expertise allows him to leave nothing to chance, given the great legal value of a commercial contract (conditions of sale, distribution contract, commercial lease, etc.);

A commercial law lawyer must have a great sense of analysis and synthesis. In addition to his knowledge of business law, he must have an excellent level of written and oral expression. Nowadays, mastering foreign languages, especially English, has become an essential quality for success in this profession. One of the greatest assets of the commercial lawyer are his good interpersonal skills.

What can a business lawyer bring to companies?

Legal follow-up is essential for the smooth running of the commercial activities of a company or a professional. As we have seen about his missions, the lawyer plays an advisory role to commercial companies. His know-how is essential when it comes to commercial transactions: negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, etc. He is able to write important documents with precision, in full compliance with the legislation in force. Finally, the commercial lawyer must defend the interests of the company in the event of litigation before the Commercial Court: breach of commercial contracts, unfair competition, actions in contractual or tort liability of the company, etc.

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