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What are the different roles of the graphic designer


Jan 21, 2023
different roles of the graphic designer

A graphic designer takes care of the creation of visual concepts, by hand or using software. It communicates ideas that are inspiring, captivating and informative for consumers. He must, therefore, have good computer skills and knowledge of graphic design software. A graphic designer implements resources in various areas: communication, creativity, project management and teamwork. Here are some other roles a graphic designer takes on.

The graphic designer takes care of the visual communication of a company

Also known as a communication designer, the graphic designer is a visual communicator. Its role is to capture the attention of consumers through physical and virtual artistic forms. These shapes include pictures, words or graphics.

It is important above all to find out the price of a freelance graphic designer for the realization of a project for your company. The main mission of a graphic designer is to make organizations recognizable and popular. Through a variety of means, it communicates a particular idea or identity that can be used in advertising and promotions. These means include:

  • Shapes (colors and images);
  • fonts;
  • printed matter;
  • photographs;
  • logos and animations;
  • billboards, etc.

A graphic designer may occasionally be called upon to collaborate on projects with artists, multimedia animators, and other creative professionals.

graphic designer role

The graphic designer designs advertising media

The graphic designer transmits messages effectively and aesthetically by creating visual communication media. These can be web pages, brochures, book or magazine covers. Annual reports, advertisements and other communication materials are also part of the graphic designer’s job. To create or incorporate illustrations, photos and designs, the graphic designer must meet with clients to understand the message they want to convey.

The graphic designer uses design tools

The creations of the graphic designer can be done by hand or using software . These are numerous on the market, but require special expertise to:

Know how to choose the size and style of characters for better readability of text and images;

produce drafts and make revisions based on feedback received from the employer;

review final productions for errors;

ensuring that prints reflect client specifications.

As soon as these tools are apprehended, the graphic designer can offer a quality rendering.

The graphic designer manages time and works in a team

Companies that hire a graphic designer recruit some of his skills. These may be soft skills . These are difficult to quantify and reflect how he works with others and his environment. It can also be specific skills, especially communication skills. A graphic designer must be able to listen to clients’ advice and suggestions, as well as understand their message.

Time management skills are also required. The graphic designer must also be able to juggle several projects simultaneously without mixing brushes. As a designer, he will have to collaborate and get along with other people from different worlds. A knowledge of typography and colors is essential and could make the difference between a professional graphic designer and a beginner graphic designer.

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