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Good reasons to learn English


Jan 21, 2023
learn English

English, otherwise  known as Shakespeare’s language , is the third most spoken language in the world. It is mainly used in diplomacy and in international trade. Therefore, it is commonly used in all sectors: economy, tourism, trade, communication, work, etc. This is why it is advantageous to learn it and thus be able to practice it on a daily basis with complete fluidity.

The internationality of the english language

The number of English speakers is in the billions. Its main competitors are Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic. Thus, it is very likely that when you meet a new person from a foreign country, it is expressed in English. Moreover, the English language is everywhere: on the Internet, in the most popular films and television series.

Assess yor level of english

Given the popularity of the English language around the world, you surely have basic notions, even confirmed knowledge. It is possible to assess your level of English using the CEFR grade (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), a scale of linguistic skills which is divided into three distinctive levels. So you can find out if you are:

To know your CEFR level , free English tests are available. You will then decide on the certification training that will suit you to improve your English.

Why learn to speak in english?

The language barrier can sometimes be a hindrance to your travel desires. Indeed, in a foreign country, you will have to communicate with the locals. And jabbering incomprehensible phrases in broken English won’t help you make yourself understood. It is spoken in no less than 118 countries, so it will be a great advantage for you to master it both orally and in writing.

English is one of the main languages ​​of the labor market

Proficiency in professional English has become a basic asset in a curriculum vitae. This language is essential in the national and international trade sector and in the business world. A confirmed level of business English is essential if you want your career to evolve towards higher horizons. Impress your superior, practice English on a daily basis!

To progress quickly in English, you have to enjoy this language. The English language has many advantages over French: it is a language that is both simple and complex. In addition to following a training program, you can learn on a daily basis, by surfing the Web, watching your films and series in their original version with subtitles, listening to and discovering the lyrics of your favorite songs. You will

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