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4 tips to motivate your team during the christmas season


Jan 21, 2023
motivate your team during the christmas season

Motivating the team during the Christmas season is the responsibility of the group leader. If a good business leader relies on recognizing employee effort to keep them focused on their work during this time, not only will they achieve goals, but they will have more engaged staff. The Christmas season is usually the most anticipated of all, as people tend to join friends and family. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to motivate the team this Christmas, whether it’s with celebrations, gifts or simply by offering your friendly hand to your staff.

Make the office the best space possible

To motivate the team during the Christmas season, the best thing you can do is create a climate in the work environment that makes people want to stay there. Although this detail may seem unnecessary or superfluous, you should not underestimate the power of a well-decorated workspace on employees. This does not only apply to Christmas: an office, even if it is a workplace, must always maintain a pleasant atmosphere. During the Christmas period, you can make an effort on the decoration and create a beautiful atmosphere. You can place a fir tree in the area provided for drinking coffee. Why not decorate it with a Christmas gift card , it will always please your employees who will be happier to come to work during this period.

Offer work flexibility

Working during the holidays is complicated for the staff, who probably have their heads in the Christmas meal, the gifts and sharing with the family. However, the work can still be more bearable. If you want to motivate your team during the Christmas period, we recommend that you keep work flexibility (if possible), in order to facilitate the family reconciliation of your work group. You can apply it in different ways. Of course, taking into account the conditions of your team, your company and the usual work rhythm. For example, you could:

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, flexible working is a great way to keep your employees motivated at work during a downturn.

Organize an outing

Travel is often a good alternative to get out of the routine. Why should the Christmas period be different? We are not suggesting that you take your team on holiday to Singapore. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to organize a common activity to share good times outside of work. It can be Christmas breakfast or lunch . It’s a perfect way to motivate your team during the holiday season.

Organize an award ceremony

In many companies, it is common to include award ceremonies towards the end of the year, as a way to motivate the team during the Christmas season. This is not a bad option, because a rewarded collaborator will always be more willing to work even more and even better afterwards. These ceremonies are usually very popular events, where the team is generally recognized, motivated and rewarded. Making a relaxed event captivates the group. The person who wins the prize can choose from different gift options that you define. The choice is yours. This activity is a good way for staff to reflect on their performance throughout the year. December is therefore a good option to consider such corporate events!

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